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“The Consultant consistently displays a thorough knowledge of Department policies, practices, and procedures.”
“Preliminary and prefinal submittals contained relatively few errors and required only minor changes.”
“Consultant was generally self-managed. Questions for the Department were well thought out. Firm generally offered solutions to problems encountered and was generally seeking direction or Department preference.”
“The Consultant has submitted quality plans to date and was self-managed on this project.”

“Cummins submitted final plans earlier than the required date, which allowed the district to place the project on an earlier letting. They did this without compromising the level of detail and accuracy of the plans. Plans are of high quality. Cummins maintained a good line of communication during the design process which is essential to the success of the project. They worked well with the district. During construction little or no questions were received from field personnel.”

“Plans were very thorough and neat.”
“Personnel were very cooperative.”
“District #7 was very pleased with the Consultant’s performance. District #9 was also involved because they were in charge of the construction phase. The Consultant was patient and accommodating in getting the plans to satisfy both districts.”

“Your firm’s cooperation and professionalism during this performance of tasks assigned under this contract is appreciated.”
“The Consultant delivered all components of the project on time.”
“The Consultant Preliminary plans contained very few errors.”
“The Consultant has performed their work with professionalism and within budget. There was very little communication with the Consultant during the development of the plans and they provided an excellent set of plans.”
“The Consultant always provided documentation on the source of their information.”
“The Consultant kept the IDOT staff well aware of what was going on with the project at all times.”
“The Consultant did a very thorough job with respect to phase I of the project. They maintained excellent communication with the District and submitted all necessary work within the allowable time frame.”

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